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One unique feature of our band is that we can vary our size according to the occasion, location, and your needs. Be it a trio or a big band that is called for, our sound is top-notch. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the perfect size tailored for you.


A. Instrumental trio or Quartet (jazz)
B. Trio: vocals, piano, bass (no drums, but perfect for small, intimate gatherings)
C. Quartet: four pieces
D. The Happy Band: five pieces (for great music, dancing, and a happy time)
E. The Regular Band: six pieces (the most popular)
F. The Little Big Band: seven pieces (good for weddings/bigger sound)
G. The Big Little Band: nine pieces (perfect for large galas or balls)


The Ross Holmes Band
427 Alexander Way
Columbia, SC 29206